Taxation and Value Added Tax

Taxation:    (balance sheet, tax returns)

  • Preparation of tax returns for physical persons 
  • Preparation of provisional final accounts in correct form 
  • Preparation of the balance sheet for the financial year 
  • Preparation of profit and loss accounts 
  • Preparation of schedules (general expenses, details of balance sheet items, amortisation tables, details of purchases, etc. …)
  • Preparation of tax returns
    • Corporation tax 
    • Municipal commercial earnings tax 
    • Wealth tax 
  • Notices for publication in the registers of companies 
  • Applications for financial support 
  • Applications for grants 
  • Dealings with administrative departments 
  • Monitoring of tax information circulars


  • Preparation of VAT returns (annual, quarterly and monthly returns) 
  • Preparation of foreign VAT returns 
  • Preparation of VAT summaries
  • Verification of community-internal  VAT numbers